About Raffles Bioscience

Raffles Bioscience is dedicated to bring you the best of scientific equipment for your teaching and research, and production support.

We have been offering our services since 2002 now, and look forward to continuing to support you with your work.

We offer high quality products for life sciences and represent excellent manufacturers who have high reputation and record, best technology, reasonable price, excellent service.


Our GelCOUNT units are intelligent Imaging systems for SEMI-AUTOMATED COLONY COUNTING, allowing you to count colonies on the WHOLE plate, rather than relying on counting portions of the plates. The Imaging software is very user friendly, and powerful and is geared to people with large throughputs of plates to manage. REPRODUCIBILITY in counting of all colonies  is enhanced by user selected parameters.

Our Tissue Vitality units for measuring TISSUE OXYGEN monitors and TISSUE PERFUSION are excellent in-vivo, sensitive and non-consumptive technology. Widely cited for a variety of application such as Cancer, Trauma studies, Stroke studies, Microsurgery and more.

Our Tissue OXYGEN monitors measure the PARTIAL PRESSURE of Oxygen, offering a more robust technology than systems offer only % values/


HYPOXYLAB controlled environment work-stations offer you the best-value-per-area price; very light, incredible small foot-print, very fast recovery in minutes instead of hours, profile cycling to name a few of features.



Electro-static assist, Coaxial Air-flow; gravity-assisted; Laminar Jet Breakup; Coaxial Airflow Induced. Small scale to semi-production throughput possible under normal and sterile conditions.
For Biomaterials like Hydrogels; Cell Encapsulation; Drug Delivery; Tissue Regeneration; Therapy studies; Flavor & Fragrances and other applications.