FLO-Ox COVID-19 Response medical instrument:


Flo-Ox™ is a portable, pole-mountable, bedside oxygen monitor developed in response to an emergency COVID-19 call by the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) for continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) devices and accompanying oxygen monitors.

The Flo-Ox™ uses a little bleed-off air from the CPAP patient circuit to continuously sample the oxygen concentration being delivered to the patient. The monitor features user-programmable MIN / MAX alarm thresholds to ensure that oxygen is delivered within set limits.

Flo-Ox™ connects to the patient breathing circuit via a gas sampling line (supplied) which connects to a standard breathing circuit T-piece connector.

The Flo-Ox™ performs the following functions:

  • Displays the measured oxygen reading as large digits in units of % O2
  • Allows the user to change the Upper Alarm Limit in the range 18 – 100% O2
  • Allows the user to change the Lower Alarm Limit in the range 18 – 100% O2
  • Indicates the status of the oxygen reading in relation to the set alarm limits
  • Allows the user to mute the audio on the alarm for 30 seconds and/or clear the alarm when oxygen is back within set limits

CPAP devices provide respiratory support by applying mild and continuous positive air pressure to keep the airways open in patients who are able to breathe spontaneously, thereby helping them breathe and take up oxygen more easily.

Crucially, CPAP does not require patient sedation or intensive care and is a viable alternative to mechanical ventilation in the majority of patients requiring respiratory support. Its employment has been shown to reduce demand for intensive care beds and to allow mechanical ventilators to be reserved for the most critically ill patients.

While the Flo-Ox™ was developed specifically for the UCL-Ventura device it is a stand-alone oxygen monitor that is theoretically compatible with any CPAP device being used to treat patients with breathing difficulties at the hospital bedside.
Statement of Intended Use:
The Flo-Ox™ is intended for the monitoring of the concentration of oxygen output from a mechanical CPAP device. It is intended to be used in the hospital environment in both general and critical/intensive care units.  The Flo-Ox™ is not a life supporting device.

Regulatory Statement:
Flo-Ox™ has been awarded a temporary waiver by the UK MHRA for patient use for the treatment of COVID-19. Full CE marking to be sought in the near future.