DIGITAL Dissolution Tester, DT 950

Dissolution Testing just got more SMART, FRIENDLY and ENDURING.

Erweka DT 950 testers. moving with you.

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The digital embedded PC technology offers all advantages and unlimited possibilities of modern software programming making the DT 950 is more future-proof than ever before. In the first step, this means simple network printing and a modern user interface. In the future, the DT 950 Series will be expanded with additional functions and can thus constantly adapt to the user‘s requirements and future industry 4.0 developments.


The new, modern user interface of the DT 950 focuses the user on the most important function of the DT 950 – dissolution testing.
TestAssist, the intelligent guide for dissolution testing simplifies parameter setup for your test.
Direct Help, help directly on the screen with the tap of a button, for online help menu
Multi-language operation in English, French, Spanish, Russian, Chinese and German.

Utilising a common core unit, your DT 950 can evolve from a Basic DT unit, to a more sophisticated machine with Online  UV/VIS Spectrophotometer; or to the ultimate ( only model on the market) to an Online-Off line HPLC.

Expansion of optional hardware like the new, improved Automatic Tablet Drop

24 months Warranty as standard, with extension warranty possible to futher protect your investment. 

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