HypoxyLab Workstation

Class 5 HEPA filtered, Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide, Temperature & Humidity control.

HypoxyLab™ is a unique, fully-featured, ergonomically engineered and easy to use hypoxia 82_hypoxylab_frontworkstation that provides a highly stabilised localised environment in which levels of oxygen, carbon dioxide, temperature and humidity are precisely controlled within a HEPA-filtered, class 5, isolation work chamber.

The potential applications for HypoxyLab™ include the following fields of research:



Direct pO2 measurements from cell culture media or tissue
HypoxyLab uniquely offers a built-in oxygen module from which real-time dissolved oxygen measurements (pO2) are obtained directly from your cell culture media or small animal.  When an OxyLite™ oxygen sensor is attached to the dedicated connector within the chamber, dissolved oxygen values are automatically displayed and recorded on the integrated touchscreen display along with real-time values of chamber O2, CO2, temperature and humidity.

Class 5 environment
One of HypoxyLab’s many unique benefits is its built-in, Class 5 HEPA filtration system which protects your cells from the risk of contamination.  HypoxyLab’s unique climate filtration system provides the necessary conditions under which all mammalian cells should be handled.

Lightweight cover
HypoxyLab’s incredibly lightweight and durable cover means that it can be easily removed by just one person.  This not only allows for easy loading of media, consumables or restrained small animals but makes routine cleaning/sterilisation of the workstation a practical reality.

Rapid gas cycling and oxygen profiling
Precise and rapid O2 cycling available at your fingertips; HypoxyLab’s intuitive graphical user interface lets you create oxygen profiling patterns limited only by your imagination.  Additionally, HypoxyLab’s optimised working volume ensures ultra-rapid cell cycling or tissue response times.

Unrivalled accuracy
Precision concentrations of O2 and CO2 as well as chamber temperature and humidity are controlled via HypoxyLab’s colour touchscreen display and delivered using unique, electronic gas flow controllers and auto-calibrating, state-of-the-art sensors.

Ultra-stable climate
Ultra stable climatic conditions within the chamber are maintained using processor controlled temperature and the latest built-in, nebulizer-based, humidifier technology.   The combination of this technology allows you to obtain exceptionally high levels of humidity whilst maintaining a Class 5 environment.

Ergonomically designed
HypoxyLab’s patented ergonomic design ensures natural, relaxed operation. The angled vision panel combined with dimmable LED illumination provide excellent visibility.  Choose between bare-hand, gloved or gauntlet operation using HypoxyLab’s easy-to-use cuff and sleeve system.

Data display and USB
HypoxyLabs’s integrated, colour touchscreen conveniently displays all real-time data in both digital and graphical format.  The integrated USB Memory Stick port allows data recording, storage and off-line data analysis (e.g. using Excel®).

Economic to run
HypoxyLab’s highly considered design minimises dead-space to ensure frugal levels of gas consumption. Auto sensor calibration and user changeable HEPA filters consign expensive maintenance contracts to the history book.

Exceptional value for money
We believe this technology is so important, that it should be made available to all.  We don’t believe in charging you for essential ‘extras’ like software.  Nor do we wish to ‘enrol’ you into expensive annual maintenance contracts.  You will be pleasantly surprised by our highly competitive pricing and HypoxyLab’s true cost of ownership.

Reliability built in and 2-year product warranty
With its unique, vacuum-formed enclosure, HypoxyLab™ is as strong and robust as it is reliable.  For this reason, we ship every HypoxyLab™ with a comprehensive 2-year manufacturer’s warranty, covering defects in both materials and/or workmanship.