NISCO encapsulation systems for R&D and Pilot production

Nisco Engineering AG combines know-how in sterile design and process engineering to fulfil the increasing requirements of the customers. The company offers and delivers engineering , development and services for pharma- and biotechnological equipment and plants. Nisco Engineering develops, manufactures and distributes worldwide encapsulation equipment to generate monodisperse beads under cGMP conform conditions,


Working principle Single nozzle Multi nozzle Options
open contained open contained
Electro-magnetic (Laminar jet breakup) Schedule VARDBasic2Go

Features & OptionsSchedule VARD2Go

Features & Options
Schedule VARB

Features & Options
Schedule VARD2Go6-12
Note: We offer laminar jet-break-up units with 30 and 300 nozzles please contact us in order to work out a solution tailored to your need
Schedule VARC12

Schedule VARC30

Schedule Options
Jet Cutting ScheduleVARCut2Go
Electrostatically driven Schedule VARV1 *

Features & Options
Schedule10 nozzle head Schedule Sterile autoclavable container
Coaxial air flow
Schedule VARJ1

Features & Options
Air dynamically driven Schedule VARJ30

Features & Options
Schedule Sterile autoclavable container Schedule VARJ30-30
Dripping by gravity Schedule VARGravity2Go

Features & Options 
Schedule VARGravity2Go 10 with 24 or 30 Nozzles

Features & Options
ScheduleOptions Dripping by gravity



The Nisco encapsulation/immobilisation systems have applications in the following fields.

Hydrogels and Nisco Technologies for Encapsulation (Dr. Djordje Zekovic and Mr. Nicolai Suter)
Dr. Suwan Jayasinghe (University College London, UCL) – Novel direct strategies to tissue engineering and regenerative medicine
Animal cells and microorganism ( Jan Melvik, Oslo, Magyar/Suter, Zurich, Flyer “Encapsulation of living cells”)
Environmental technology (EPFL- Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne)
Plant cells (artificial seeds)
Enzymes and catalysators Martin Gehri, preenTec AG
Flavour and fragrances (slow perception)
Drugs (slow release medication)
Food and nutriceuticals ( Christoph Lacroix, ETH, Zurich)




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