OXFORD OPTRONIX Oncology/ Stroke MCAO/ Cell& Tissue research

Innovative British manufacturer offering bioscience equipment:


Tissue Vitality for measuring Partial Pressure of Tissue Oxygen levels, and Tissue Perfusion Flow under in-vitro and in-vivo conditions.

Unique systems which allows combination of Oxygen (ideal, non-consumptive state of the art fibre-optic fluorescence technology) & Tissue Flow monitoring using laser doppler flow technology


Mammalian Colony Counting GelCOUNT especially for Adherent 2D Assays, Semi-solid Matrix/ 3D soft-gel; Spheroid/ Suspension Assays.
Over 200 citations and counting…


Hypoxia Workstations, small, bench-top units with superior performance for Hypoxic or Hyperoxia environment. Incredible gas recovery in MINUTES rather than hours/ days!

Control parameter emulates TRUE TISSUE CONDITIONS in Partial Pressure Oxygen control.